Lynn - Let’s Get my Product Paid For

Associate Referral Program

Ok….so you are thinking you like the business model and you know you will be referring USANA’s top rated product to friends, family and colleagues alike!!! You know….like telling your friend they must try the new restaurant you went to or refer a colleague to a great movie you just saw! Have people buy from and support your store instead of the big box stores!!!

Over time you will generate enough product volume to pay for the products you and your family personally consume each and every month.

  • Very low investment option available….less than $300
  • Receive 10%-20% commission based on product sales
  • $29.95/year – license to operate as a referral based business
  • NO requirement deadlines
  • NO inventory
  • SMALL monthly minimum purchase requirement to qualify for commissions
  • NO minimum sales requirement
  • NEVER lose weekly generated volume from product sales
  • UNLIMITED income potential

Looking to minimize your investment to start your business….I have business startup plans that can virtually allow to start you business for virtually FREE!
Wanna know how…..leave your name and e-mail address and I will go over the options!