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Get Up and Move!

For many of usheart-exercise, when thinking about exercise, the dreaded “G” word comes to mind – Gym. However, exercise is about getting up and getting moving. It doesn’t mean you have to follow a strict, time-consuming regimen at the gym. It means engaging in any form of physical activity that helps sustain and/or improve your health and fitness. By simply incorporating 30 minutes of additional “activity” in your daily routine, you will be rewarded with life-long benefits; increased energy, better sleep, lower stress and anxiety, and dramatically decreasing your risk of major health concerns, like cardiovascular disease and obesity.


Find your groove and move!

With so many different forms of movement, it can be hard to determine what works best for you. So explore your options and find what brings you joy. If you enjoy the type of exercise you are doing, you are more likely to do it more! Again, exercise is about movement; it can be swimming, taking your dog or family for a walk, or join a group workout class (like cardio kickboxing.) With today’s technology, you can find tech-friendly ways of getting on the move too. From video game consoles to mobile devices, exercise can be fun! This newest craze of “exergaming” is gaining popularity as medical expert’s jump on-board, stating that these games are a great way to getexergaming1 your heart-rate up. Additionally, you can get your whole family or group of friends together for a digital scavenger hunt. This is a great way to explore your home city, learn its history and sights, and more importantly, get out, move and have fun!


Commit and prioritize!

Often times when we commit to something, our commitment only goes so far; commit to a friend or workout buddy – we find it harder to let someone else down than to let ourselves down. Make exercise a priority by putting it on your calendar and recognizing what your intent for exercise is. Why are you making this commitment? Better sleep? Less stress? Weight management? Increased energy? Make note of what you plan to achieve, and always keep this goal in sight and remind yourself daily, “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”


Start your day great!

Make time for your workout and put it in your daily routine. Health and wellness experts suggest working out in the morning, as you are more motivated, less likely to make excuses, and will start your day with a greater amount of energy. If working out first thing in the morning doesn’t work for your schedule, that’s ok, do it on your way home from work – otherwise, it is very unlikely you will go to the gym once you make it home. Additionally, remember to exercise even when you are “too tired.” This minor 30 minute workout could help boost you out of that energetic slump and give you that much needed second wind.


Reward yourself!

Be aware of the progress that you are making toward your goals. It is important to keep a log of your progress as this can help keep you motivated. Be sure to note all areas of progress toward your goal – not just how much you weigh. For instance, be aware of how your clothes fit, if you are sleeping better, if you have more energy throughout the day, or even if you seem to be thinking more clearly. These are all signs that you are well on your way to achieving your goals. Additionally, be sure to set “mini-goals” that you can celebrate on the path to your greater goal. For example, buy yourself that new pair of walking or running shoes when you can finally make it around the neighborhood without getting winded. Every accomplishmentreward1 is a step in the right direction. Life is meant to be rewarding, so be sure to celebrate yourself for a job well-done.


6 Quick Tips to Get Moving Now!

  1. Take your dog for a walk daily

  2. Take the stairs – not the elevator

  3. Walk briskly whenever possible

  4. Minimize the use of your car; walk wherever possible

  5. Park in the furthest spot from the entrance to the store and walk

  6. Take-up an enjoyable sport or game (i.e. tennis, swimming, running club, etc.)


“You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great.”



Water and You, are you getting enough?

Did you know that the human body is made of 60% water? From aiding in healthy circulation and improving brain functions, to reducing acne and skin irritants, water plays a vital role in the health and well-being of our bodies.


Replenish your water resources

The old rule of thumb “eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day” has been proven to be a myth. The Mayo Clinic suggests that women should have a minimum of eight glasses a day, and men should have at least twelve glasses a day. Additionally, weight plays a factor in your average water consumption. Everyday Health Diet and Nutrition Center recommends dividing your weight in half, giving you the number of ounces per day you should consume. (Example: A 150 pound person should drink a minimum of 75 ounces of water, or approximately nine and one-half 8 ounce glasses) The average sedentary person will utilize 2% of their body’s water resources every day. Adding exercise into your daily routine will require more hydration, so keep your body fueled.


Track your daily intake

From fun apps to techno-savvy water bottles, there are several ways to track your daily intake. Pick a method that works for you and go for it!



Plant Nanny: Do you enjoy playing games on your phone? Than this is the tracker for you. With this app, you collect different plants that you grow based on your water consumption. This fun idea of water yourself, water your plant makes tracking your daily water intake more fun and interactive.

Water Logged: Do you like to challenge yourself, set goals, and view your results? If yes, than this app is right up your alley. With this app you can track your results and have all your information charted and graphed for you!


Water Bottles:

Sportline HydraCoach: This nifty water bottle has a digital display that sets goals, tracks, and even motivates the user to consume more water.

BluFit: If you can’t decide between an app and a water bottle, why not choose both? This water bottle syncs directly with your phones app; analyzing how much water you need versus how much you have consumed.


Bottled or Tap Water?


Neither – if it can be helped. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, greater than 25% of bottled water comes from a municipal water supply, also known as tap water. Additionally, bottled water has a high risk of chemical contamination from chemicals that may have leeched into the water from the bottle itself. Refilling plastic bottles can also increase your exposure from these contaminants as the plastic wears down with each use. Tap water would be the better of the two options – it’s the same as the bottled water, but free of the plastic bottle’s chemicals. Ultimately, filtered water is your safest and more cost effective option. By utilizing an inexpensive water pitcher with a built-in filter, or investing in a filter system for your kitchen faucet, you will spend approximately 50 cents a year in water costs (versus the average $1400 a year spent on bottled water.)


5 Ways to Recharge Your Weight Loss

Get techy with it

With so many apps and fitness trackers on the market it’s hard to choose just one but some can be so helpful! From keeping track of the calories you consume to the calories you burn, seeing these results with your own eyes can put a little extra POW in your step and help you maintain or lose weight!

You blew it…move on!0a745a3e03e06a64_running-on-treadmill.preview_tall

If you’ve had a bad day, days or weeks of over-eating or not making the best choices–don’t dwell! If you keep living in the past, you won’t move forward.

Try something new

Try a new recipe or a new workout routine if you’re not seeing results. We get just as bored with our workouts as we do with our food choices and our bodies adapt to these repetitive activities. Wake it up! Try a kickboxing class, begin running or take a hike a few times a week. Anything to confuse your body will likely spark change!

Break up your routine

If you often jump on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour and feel less than excited, try jumping around. Break up your cardio into 10 minute segments. Go from the treadmill, elliptical, bike and then finish with the stair climber. This goes for any and all equipment you have at your gym. You can even mix this up with jumping jacks, burpees, high knees…the combos are endless! You’ll be amazed how much faster times will fly by.


When you feel deprived you can get cranky and go a little, well, crazy! Depending on what meal and workout plan is best for you, don’t forget to treat yourself every once and a while. Whether your vice is sweet, salty or beverage based…Make a point to allow yourself some indulgences once a week, once a month–whatever works for you! And then get back on track. One piece of chocolate after dinner will do far less harm than the popcorn, chips and 7 cookies you drag into your bed at 10pm.