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Eating Well & Staying Active While Traveling

I recently took a family vacation with my husband, son and some family friends to Cabo. It got me thinking how hard it can be to stay on track while traveling, but also, how easy it can be! Wait a second…confused? The point is to try to maintain a balance even while on vacation.

Here are things I always try to do when I’m traveling and away from my normal routine.

Good Eats

  • If you have a kitchenette and you like eggs, get a dozen and boil them. They work great for breakfast or sliced on a room service dinner salad!
  • Check the local market for freshly, roasted chickens. This is a great source of protein, tastes great and way better than take out or room service! And did I mention, loads cheaper!!
  • While you’re at the market…grab some potatoes. Or better yet, sweet potatoes, which are loaded with vitamin A! Bake in the oven for a crispy outside or in the microwave–I know microwaving isn’t ideal but you’ll live! Add a laughing cow cheese, some roasted chicken and you’re done!
  • Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! Need I say more?
  • Buy a blender bottle. Personally, I never leave home without my blender bottle, protein shakes and protein snacks. They make great snacks or meals when you’re on the go or pressed for time.

Stay Active

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Walk, walk, walk. Outside, in the hotel gym, take a lap around the lobby–no one knows you, you’re on vacation!
  • Have fun with kids that play hard! If on vacation with your family, play with your kids!
  • Utilize furniture in your hotel room. A chair, wall and floor are all great to use for back-to-basics exercises like triceps dips, crunches, lunges and hip lifts.

3 Ways to Improve Heart Health

1) Out with the Bad, In with the good!

Like I’ve said in previous blogs, we live in the land of plenty and it can be hard to resist all the processed, sugar-overloaded food. Making smarter choices like fruits, vegetables and whole grains can do wonders for our hearts–and overall health.

2) Take a Walk

Even if you have just a few minutes to squeeze it in, taking a stroll can help recharge your body and relieve stress. If you have furry family members, don’t forget to take them along! Studies show that having a canine companion can help lower your risk of heart disease. I take my precious Eliza, a retired racing greyhound, on at least one walk every day. But she’s so spoiled she often gets at least two 15-30 minute walks per day! Every little bit counts!

3) Get Friends & Fam Involved!

As with any new venture, sometimes it’s nice not to go it alone. Or at least know you have an encouraging pal by your side. Just like with a new workout or healthy eating plan, sometimes it is nice to do it with someone. You can help keep each other accountable and motivated. Getting your friends and family involved will not only have you making the right food choices, staying active and more, but this will also encourage others to follow your healthy example!