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Stop Demonizing Egg Yolks Right Now!!!!

Ok, how many times have you seen people eat hard boiled eggs and throw away the ever beautiful, nutrient rich yolk!  It’s such a travesty…..I’m serious on this! And here are some of the top reasons why you need to eat your egg yolk and not feel like guilty about it!!!

Did you know………

– one egg yolk gives you your daily required intake of acetylcholine.  Acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter involved with thought, learning, and memory. It sharpens our concentration and perception……it’s our “nerve food”. I don’t think any of us wants to be low on nerve food on any given day!!!!

– egg yolks are a great source of biotin. Biotin supports healthy skin through proper fat production (makes you look younger), help your body make efficient use of sugar, maintain an energy supply in your nerve cells

– egg yolks are more nutrient rich than egg whites, and will even keep your blood sugar in check!

– eggs as a whole provide a good source of protein, selenium, thiamine and Vitamin B!

If you are concerned about saturated fat and cholesterol…at the end of the day we have to evaluate the “overall” benefits of all of our food choices.  And some cholesterol is OK as is fat.  Ponder this….which is better for you –  a hard boiled egg or an egg fried in butter served with white toast? Just saying!!!


Can’t keep up? How To Take Charge of your Health, Time and Money… Now!

falling-behindAre you looking for a practical, easy to follow, cool information on creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family? Don’t we all want to take baby steps and incorporate healthier tidbits into our daily lives? Well you have come to the right place!

Take Control Now
The goal is to inspire my readers to take control of their daily lives and incorporate healthy living tips for themselves and their family. Whether it is healthy meals, healthy free time, a healthy home or a healthy wallet….there is something for everyone!

Why Now?
Why not….we have to start somewhere…..and it’s all about baby steps and taking information that makes sense for you and your family! Listen we all have room for improvement when it comes to better health, more free time, and healthier wallet. It’s something I work on everyday……shouldn’t you?

Why me?
I’m a wife, a Mom, and an entrepreneur. I focus each and every day on making great wellness, financial and time management choices. Who doesn’t want more freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a healthy, happy environment? I want to help you find these solutions too.
At my very core, I believe in reciprocity. What I give to my community and clients—whether it be time, talents or treasures—will come back to me in the form of a strong, vibrant society that I am proud to be a part of. As your personal coach and mentor, my greatest achievement is your success. I’m in this to help you become the best you can be in life, career, health and financial success.

Click here to start your journey… see you on the other side!!!!


Are you ready to say ”Dear Diet… you’re fired!”?

keep-calmOk… if I see another commercial for a magic pill, diet concoction or revolutionary injection to take you from a size 20 to a size 2 in 10 days or less… I am going to scream!!!!

There are many diets that have come and gone, and research has shown that diets are only successful 2-3% of the time. That is, anyone who has lost weight using a diet or a diet program will gain all of their weight back and usually within 2 years. Diets fail primarily for three reasons:

  • They are a short term solution for a long term problem
  • Most diets are not balanced
  • Most diets do not address the underlying or root cause of the obesity or diabetes epidemics, which is insulin resistance. Remember, when you have any sign of insulin resistance, you can hold on to fat like a sponge holds on to water.

I know, I know… you are asking what the heck is insulin resistance? Stick with me… I’m getting there… I promise! But please re-read this line again… you can hold onto fat like a sponge holds onto water. Folks… we need to stop this crazy cycle and not be sponges to fat anymore!!!! Are you with me? Because I have the plan to stop the insanity!

One of the goals of my blog is to develop a triad of healthy lifestyles, which have many health benefits.

  • Eat a healthy diet that does NOT spike your blood sugar and contains good low glycemic carbohydrates, good fats, and good protein. There really is such a thing as healthy carbs, fats and protein!!!
  • Develop a consistent and moderate exercise program
  • Incorporate and understand the importance of cellular nutrition

You see, in order for our bodies to function optimally, we must maintain our blood glucose within a very narrow range. When done on a regular basis, a hormone called glucagon, a fat releasing hormone is the primary functioning hormone. Glucagon stimulates the release of glucose by the liver and breakdown of fats from the fat cells. This promotes weight loss and weight management. Sounds pretty easy and straight forward right?

Unfortunately, North America is the land of plenty… plenty of highly processed foods, plenty of unhealthy foods that have become the basis of the North American diet! And here is what happens when we ingest our favorite meal from our favorite fast food restaurant or a piece of cheesecake. After you have eaten a high glycemic meal… such as your cheesecake, your blood sugar begins to rise very rapidly. The rapid rise in blood sugar stimulates the response of a large amount of insulin (note: insulin is a fat storing hormone). High levels of insulin now drive sugar into the muscle, liver, and fat to be utilized, stored as glycogen, or stored as fat! It is doing the opposite of what we want our blood glucose to do. Stop the insanity I say!!!! Our bellies and hips are silently yelling at us every time we eat Taco Bell, a tub of ice cream or a cheese dripping pasta dish!

Figure 1 below depicts exactly what is happening with your blood glucose levels over time whether you choose fruits, veggies, or healthy protein (low glycemic meal) or you decide to engulf a mountain sized portion of greasy nachos (high glycemic meal). Our goal is choose low glycemic foods more often than not. You can see in the graph below that our blood sugar stays within the narrow range desire to ensure that our fat releasing hormone, glucagon, is doing its job! Release the fat by eating the right foods… not by going on a crazy diet!


This is why there is a great importance in understanding which foods are low glycemic and learning how to incorporate these foods into your daily diet.

Let’s start releasing the fat now!!!!

So… are ready? Are you ready to say ”Dear Diet… this is not working for me… you’re fired!!!? Then click here!

For more information, click on the my Pinterest Board to access my virtual cookbook with MANY low glycemic meals to choose from. See how you can start training your body to release fat!