Shifting to an Entrepreneur Mindset

(Becoming the Entrepreneur Series – Part 3 of 3)



When becoming an entrepreneur, it’s exciting to think about being your own boss; more free-time, nobody to answer to, no paycheck caps, etc. All of that is exciting and absolutely true – just don’t neglect creating and refining habits that will get you there!

When top earning executives are interviewed, the common thread to all of their successes is attributed to one thing – shifting your mindset!


mind-of-an-entrepreneurA mindset is defined as “a set of attitudes or opinions held by someone.” Your attitude toward your business and the behaviors you establish are what will set you on the path to success. Although you will have more freedom and nobody to “answer-to,’ this can become a quick trap if you do not develop an attitude of self-discipline and commitment.


plannerNow that you are “the boss,” it’s important to be clear on what your weekly business habits will be. Often times it’s easier to think of your calendar as the boss. When are your appointments, what are your operating hours, how much time will you commit to emails, calls, and general administrative stuff. Figure it out and put it in your calendar. Develop a practice of not just putting in your calendar appointments, actually stick to it. The more you practice the habit of honoring your time and scheduled items, the easier it will become – creating a work/life balance. If you’re looking for a great planner to get started, check out, created by Angela Trinidad.


Are you simply interested in the business or are you fully committed to this business. If you’re interested, you will do whatever is convenient, make up excuses along the way, and ultimately justify why you failed. Whereas, if you’re committed, you will do whatever it takes to succeed. Commitment means letting go of the past, learning from your mistakes, and developing the beliefs and habits you need to achieve your goals. While you need a clear vision, a commitment to continuously take action regardless of any hardships and adversity encountered along the way is crucial.

“Discipline is when we give ourselves a command and we follow it.”

-Bob Proctor