Find Your Happy Place: It's on the inside!

Don’t start a new diet. Change your approach to diets and exercise. Experience a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. Health and wellness begins with maintaining a proper weight and finding your energy balance—it’s about paying attention to your glycemic index (GI). I’m Lynn Sheffield and I want to introduce you to a healthier way of living and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Glycemic index is a tool to gauge blood sugar, carbohydrates and insulin in your body. Carbohydrates metabolize into blood sugar. Blood sugar triggers your pancreas to produce insulin. High levels of insulin promote body fat storage.

I can help you break the fat storage cycle by balancing high-glycemic foods with lower ones. I did it for myself and I can help you too. With low-glycemic meal choices and my nutritional programs, you can achieve successful weight loss and keep it off for life. Not to mention, you will have more energy to find your happy place.

Do you crave carbohydrate and sugar-laden snacks (chips, crackers, cookies, fast foods)?
Does your energy evaporate by 2 p.m. or do you just feel sluggish all day?
Do you toss and turn all night?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you could benefit from a total re-evaluation of your current eating habits.

I’m not talking about denying foods or eliminating desserts. I’m talking about planning, cooking and enjoying healthy meals—creating balance in what you eat by modifying your food choices. No more sugar highs and energy lows.

I also want exercise to be a part of your everyday life—energy balance. Exercise is key to your overall health, wellness and longevity.

Exercise doesn’t have to be spending hours on a treadmill in a sweaty gym—unless you want it to be. That approach may work great for some and not so much for others. Readjust your thinking about exercise—it’s activity and movement—it’s gardening, dancing, riding bikes with your kids, throwing a Frisbee, going for a walk with your best friend.

It’s time to start experiencing the benefits of maintaining a balanced glycemic index:

  • Blood sugar and insulin control (stop fat storage)
  • Disease prevention: Reduce your risk of Type II diabetes (adult onset diabetes), coronary heart disease, gallbladder disease, and breast cancer

  • Increased energy: Maximize your energy by choosing the right foods to keep your energy stable, help you stay alert and focused all day.
  • Improved mood: Stabilize your serotonin (a neurotransmitter in your brain) through low-glycemic food choices and maintain a healthy, happy attitude.

Join me on my crusade for a stronger, healthier, happier society through good food and a more active lifestyle. We should all have an equal opportunity for better health, more time and more financial freedom.