Dear Diet: Your Fired!

Take charge of your glycemic index (GI) and your health. Lose the carbohydrate and sugar cravings that bring you down. Be your own boss and enjoy the benefits of healthier living—there’s no limit to personal success when you set the terms.

As the new CEO of your life and health, you call the shots. Choose a program that fits your needs. Ultimately success starts from within but motivation will get you through the tough times — that’s where I’m here to help.

We can achieve your goals together. We start with delicious meal replacements and essential vitamins to reset your body, making a clean break from the high-fat, high-glycemic foods and curb your cravings. We introduce a moderate exercise program and then transition to low-glycemic meals and your new approach to healthy living.

By investing in your daily nutrition, you are choosing a foundation of exceptional health for a lifetime.
Here’s how it works:

  1. We start with a personalized health assessment to discover your health goals and design a custom, low GI program for your optimal wellness.
  2. Choose a plan that works with your schedule and health goals:
    1. 5-Day Jumpstart Nutritional Program
    2. 14-Day Nutritional Program
  3. Enroll and get personal support from me and 24/7, FREE access to your True Health Companion TM, a comprehensive web and mobile health management system that helps monitor your health goals and progress. Track your nutrition (food log, menu planner, and grocery list), your fitness/physical activity, calories burned, weight, sleep, mood and energy, water intake, and even set reminders to ensure you have taken your daily nutritional supplements. With this extra support, you’ll never forget to make your health a priority.