Schedule Your Workout

schedule_workout_quoteIt’s easy to go into each week and each day with the best of intentions, to workout or get some exercise in. However, our best intentions are often put on the back burner as the craziness of your work days unravel. That’s why it is crucial to schedule your workouts – just like any other appointment. Here are three simple tips to help you not only schedule workouts, but keep them.

Schedule Your Workout

Treat your calendar as your boss when it comes to appointments. When you schedule something your boss (calendar) is there to hold you accountable to those tasks and actions. Take out your calendar right now and find two to three days where you can block off 30 minutes to exercise. Now that it is in your calendar, keep your appointment!

Protect Your Workout

Honor your appointments like any other important appointments you would make. For example, you wouldn’t miss an important business meeting or your child’s dance recital – so do not miss what’s important to you! The more you practice honoring your appointments with yourself, the easier it becomes.

Enjoy Your Workout

Working out doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. Simply find something that you enjoy and do that. Just get up and move! There are many different options out there for great movement. For example, Yoga or Pilates classes, dance class, swimming, or even a brisk walk – perhaps as part of your lunch hour? The idea here is to enjoy the exercise you’re doing. When you find an exercise that you enjoy, you will never have to workout another day in your life.